Welcome to Tomann Family Education Trust

Welcome to the Tomann Education Trust Fund website!

As a descendent of Terrance W. Tomann and Mary J. Tomann you may be eligible for an educational scholarship provided you meet certain criteria, and that there are funds available, of course.


Terry and Mary Tomann

We are very pleased you are interested in continuing your education and we hope we can help you.  We want you first to look at all options before applying for scholarship money from the Trust, for this allows more of the family to afford the cost of higher learning if other options are not available to them.

Scholarship money can be used for tuition, room and board and books.

Currently we are limiting the available tuition money available to $35,000 annually, and will be paid as school expenses become due and payable.

Applications are available to known family members that are requesting tuition.

All students must submit a “Request funds form” each semester and an application for funds every calendar year.

No applicant has a right to tuition assistance and an applicant may be denied in full or part at the discretion of the Trust Advisory board.

None of the decisions made by the Trust Advisory board are not cast in stone and can be changed.  We are family.

A person, if they are approved for rent reimbursement, must take a minimum of 12 credits to be eligible for full rent reimbursement.  If a student is taking 8 credits they would be eligible to receive 75% reimbursement of their rent.

Nontraditional Education, such as culinary school, nursing school or any other vocational or higher educational school is allowed and encouraged!

Please read the Scholarship Information (link to SI page) and the Bylaws (link to bylaws page) of the Trust to learn how the Trust works and to apply for scholarship funds.  Congratulations on your decision to seek higher learning!  Education is power.  You’ve made a great choice.